The key to correcting a headache is to find its exact cause, and there are many reasons for headaches.

Your body is designed to be healthy and has mechanisms to keep it healthy.  When the body cannot cope, it has warning systems, usually pain.  When you have a headache, you should consider the pain a friend because it warns of some health problem needing attention. Some approaches to headaches are designed to override, or numb out, the pain.  However, overriding the symptom of pain with medication may only attack the problem at a superficial level.

Migraine Headache - The true migraine headache is caused by the disturbance of normal blood circulation to the brain.  It is usually very severe and incapacitating, and is often associated with visual disturbances and nausea.  There are several direct nerve involvements and nerve reflex factors that influence a migraine headache.

Toxic Headache - A toxic headache results from some chemical factor that is harmful to the body.  The toxic material can come from either inside or outside the body.  The outside source might be an environmental poison such as an insecticide, a household chemical, or chemicals around work.  Also consider possible exhaust leaks in your car, fumes from your furnace, and fumes from your neighbor’s pesticides as sources.

The inside sources of harmful chemicals are more difficult to identify.  These sources often correlate with improper function of the organs of elimination.  The major organs of elimination are the bowels, kidneys and liver.  When one of these organs does not function correctly, it fails to properly eliminate waste products toxic to the body. A buildup of toxicity can manifest as a headache.  The key to eliminating this headache is to regain normal elimination of the toxic material.

Digestive Headache - Digestion is the breakdown of food so that it can be absorbed and used by the body.  Failure in the normal breakdown process can lead to the development of putrid, toxic food substances that are absorbed by the bowel and are harmful to the body.  When the digestive problem is corrected, the headache will be relieved and health and energy levels will improve.

Allergic Headache - An allergy is an inappropriate reaction to something in the air or in food.  Most frequently the approach for improvement is to try to eliminate the allergen from an individual’s environment and food supply. An allergic headache is actual swelling around the brain because of a histamine response to an allergen.  A more realistic approach is to examine body function to determine why there is sensitivity to that allergen.

Suboccipital Neuralgia - A headache at the base of the skull is commonly called a “tension headache,” and is usually due to irritation of the suboccipital nerves arising from the spine immediately below the skull.  Dysfunction of the spine and the muscles at this area cause nerve irritation that is usually accentuated by tension.  The basic cause is not usually the tension, rather, it is abnormal function of the structures in this area.  Balancing the body structures and the muscles that support this area produces good results with this type of headache.

Visual Headache - A headache caused by eyestrain is often easily recognized because it develops after using the eyes for intricate work or reading.  There are two primary ways that visual strain can cause a headache.  One is of visual strain caused by poor visual acuity.  It is often necessary to have a visual examination by an optometrist, and to have prescription lenses made.  There is also a visual acuity problem that is functional in nature and can be corrected by applied kinesiology techniques.  This poor visual acuity correlates with the skull’s function and its influence on cerebrospinal fluid activity and the cranial nerves.  When visual acuity is the suspected cause of headaches, it is wise to have an applied kinesiologist examine the eyes before being examined for new lenses, because visual acuity is often improved by applied kinesiology methods and then the prescription may no longer be correct.

The second form of visual strain occurs when the eyes do not work together correctly.  The two sides of the body should work in neurologic organization.  When organization is not present, there is visual strain because the eyes are not “tracking" together when reading or doing other intricate activity.  Neurologic correction procedures and/or specialized eye exercises can correct these problems.

Sinus Headache - Sinus headaches (inflammation of the sinuses) are characteristically located immediately over or under the eyes in the frontal or maxillary sinuses.  The problem is often an allergic reaction, which requires evaluating the exact cause of the allergy rather than trying to eliminate allergens from the environment.  Sometimes the energy patterns, including the nervous system to the sinuses, function improperly and sinus abnormalities develop as a result.  The major factor, of course is to find the exact of the sinusitis and correct it.

Other Causes of Headaches- Include tumors, nervous systems disease, emotional factors, and other conditions.  The most important consideration is that the cause of your headache be found, and with proper treatment the recovery rate is remarkable.